Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

For Privacy Policy specific information, please email Please include the words “Privacy Policy” in the subject line of your email.


This subscription service provides you an opportunity to OPT IN, or at a later date OPT OUT. Your online privacy is important to me and I will take every step to safeguard your private information. However, online security is never absolutely 100%, and security breaches can happen. I can only reassure you that I’ll take every precaution to prevent any disclosure of your private information.

How Will Your Information Be Used

My subscription list will alert you to any events or announcements concerning project releases on

In some special circumstances, such as contests sponsored by the site, I may require your physical mailing address (and contest answer!) so I can contact you to let you know that you’ve won. If you do not wish to reveal your physical contact address, email address or other information, you may choose not to participate.

I will not sell or rent your name or contact information to a third party not affiliated with me. If you purchase an item that may be offered at this website,  you will be alerted that I am required to share your credit card information with an independent third party service whose function is to securely verify and charge your account.

Concerning Commenting

To stimulate the collaborative spirit of this website, I’ve enabled posting on my articles.  I recommend that you use short names or nicknames to keep your personal identity safe and the comment threads manageable. You should remember that if you do voluntarily disclose personally identifying information (e.g. user name, email address) on the comments, that information can be collected and used by others and may result in unsolicited messages from other posters or parties. If you choose to participate anonymously, you should remember that you are still legally liable for the material you post, including claims of libel, invasion of privacy, and copyright infringement. If your comments are deemed inappropriate (racist, vulgar, hateful, etc.), I reserve the right to remove comments and revoke posting privileges.

Finally, based on United States law, if directed, I may be required to disclose your personal information as required or permitted by law, to protect the interests or safety of

Parents and Guardians… And Children

Please get involved with your children’s online usage and be aware of the activities in which they are participating. I recommend that you check here regularly to see what the latest policies are, particularly those related to under-age viewing.

You should be aware that if your children voluntarily disclose their names, email addresses or other personally-identifiable information on a comments field, such disclosures may result in unsolicited messages from other parties. We suggest that you discourage your child from providing such information on this website or elsewhere unless you are confident that the information will not be misused.

If you have any concerns regarding privacy issues, please contact me at the above email address.

Effective Date and Changes in this Privacy Policy

The effective date of this Privacy Policy is August 1, 2013.  I will not affirmatively notify users of changes in our Privacy Policy, but will abide by the Privacy Policy in effect at the time any personally identifiable information is collected from a visitor, respecting uses of that information.

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